Inbound Marketing – You Have to Pay to Play

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Another One of Those Emails

We all have to deal with irritating (sometimes potential) customers. The other day, we received an inbound marketing email with a concept that really got under our?skin. So I feel it necessary to correct this theory, and let the world know how we do business in this industry:


First and foremost, we are not your employees. We are a firm that performs the actions of your strategy so you don’t have to. It’s called a service.

Second, when it comes to performance, this person said they don’t trust a?marketing?concept of “pay upfront and hope it works”. This theory–that people (which I’m sure plenty of people do) just take your money and do nothing with it and you take all the risk–needs to be corrected.

Inbound Marketing – How It Works

See, when you work with The SEO Doctors, we have a meeting and sit down with you about your goals. What are they? What do you want to achieve? What’s most important? What has less priority? We must know your goals if we are to achieve them. You can’t just say “get me more money”, we have to work out a plan of how. Your business is specific, and it will need a specific plan of attack to get you what you want. (Money is the end result of a chain of events that takes place.)

Then we devise a strategy–a sequence of actions, based on sound and agreeable logic, which we then perform–to bring you the results you want. We don’t just make stuff up and say “we hope it works”. No, this is all very calculated.

End rant. Thank you all for listening.


What do you all think? I’d love to hear any similar stories or your take on the situation. Share your thoughts below in the comments.

Kory Schmidt is a local to Santa Monica, Ca, has a background in software development, and has an eye for marketing trends and insights. He graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration from California State University, Monterey Bay.

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